Stellar Staffing, LLC

About Stellar Staffing, LLC

The Power of Human Capital Improvement

Stellar Staffing, LLC is a staffing company with human resources as its core and one simple guiding principle:

“To empower your company by providing the best HR, staffing, risk management, and safety training options available…anywhere.”

The Power of Human Resources

Stellar Staffing, LLC offers distinct advantages to your company, starting with the recruiting process.  We source our candidates using many different techniques.  Running an ad in the local newspaper can significantly limit candidate quality and yield. With tens of thousands of candidates in our database, it’s likely we already have the candidate you need.  Stellar Staffing, LLC employs multiple sources and actively recruits within your community to assure you the best possible fit…always.

“Now, the selection process begins and here is where the differences really add up.  Each and every candidate goes through a rigorous screening and selection process.  We pledge the delivery of only the most qualified candidate, thoroughly reference checked, background checked, tested, and surveyed.  We use "Kenexa Prove It" for our administrative testing!  In addition, each candidate receives a complete safety orientation and client orientation.  It’s one of the industry’s best and most comprehensive, designed to create a perfect fit for your environment…every time.”

The Power of Knowledge & Experience

With decades of staffing and Human Resources experience, rest assured that the courteous, caring professionals at Stellar Staffing, LLC will use their skills and experience to produce the candidate you need quickly, efficiently, and with pinpoint accuracy…guaranteed.

The Power of Safety Training

We are serious about the safety and health of our employees, as well as yours, and here’s where we really distance ourselves from the competition. Each candidate selected for employment with Stellar Staffing, LLC is thoroughly trained in basic safety.  Not just a cursory glance at a video tape, but a comprehensive proprietary safety and health program designed by our on-staff OSHA-authorized trainer.  Administrative, technical, light industrial…everyone!

The Features and Benefits

• Managed by HR professionals--higher quality contingency workforce; better co-employment compliance

• Scalable, affordable, flexible by increasing efficiency and reducing costs

• Safety training for contingent employees--fewer accidents, less downtime, and fewer OSHA 300/301 log entries

That’s Human Capital Improvement